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The Condor-L2M, 100% real-time inspection system, is able to control the quality of printing on cilindrical and different kind of shapes objects coming on a convoy.

Print inspection on transparent bottles with a flat face.
Condor-L2M is fully equipped with a line-scan camera and two matrix cameras that allow to control any kind of shape. It is designed and optimized to inspect the incoming bottles with a decorated surface oriented to the camera. With a twin system is possible to inspect a surface of 360° around the object. Condor-L2M inspects the decoration on each element and it automatically centers the image of the checked object compared to the reference model.

Condor-L2M guarantees a powerful combination of print quality and waste reduction. Objectivity, repeatability and high accuracy of the control improve your print quality and ensure a production without printing defects.
On-line integration allows waste reduction and printing process optimization. Condor is able to prevent widespread failure and adverts in case of consecutive errors . The benefit results in cost reduction and improved process efficiency that drives up profits and company reputation.

Quality is easy
Condor can easily be installed at the end of the printing process. Our highly qualified engineers are able to design the best solution that fits any integration needs.
Condor is easy to use: with an intuitive graphic user interface and a simple set up. It is possible to start a new job in less than a minute. 

Different configurations for different needs
The accuracy of the control can easily meet the customer quality requirements.
Three different standard configurations are available but it is possible to customize the system depending on customer needs or special requirements.

Condor optional stations
It is possible to design a twin system to control front a back side of an object. This double station allow the control of two opposite face of the same object.
Another expansion is the rejection station that is installed as a further step after the control. It is possible, with it, take off automatically all the defective elements form the production.




Technical data

Condor-L2M is provided with a colour line camera of 2048 pixel and two color matrix cameras of 2048x1024 pixel.


CYLINDRICAL BOTTLES:   Minimum diameter      35mm
  Maximum diameter 80mm
  Maximum printing height     120mm
OVAL BOTTLES: Minimum length      40mm
  Maximum length 120mm
  Maximum printing height 150mm
RECTANGULAR BOTTLES:    Minimum length 40mm
  Maximum length 120mm
  Maximum printing height 150mm


Resolution: 0,07mm x 0,07mm

Production speed: up to 50 pieces/min



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